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GetStoked App Features

What makes the app unique?

Connect With Others

Tired of not knowing what to do around you? Use our app to find exciting activities as we connect you with both companies and local experts instantly.

Last Minute Hot Deals

Similar to discount websites, our partners can drop their prices on selected activities for a limited time period. Find free things to do around you and get notified about last minute deals based on your interests.

Earn from your passions

Do you have a skill that you would love to share with others? Make money from your passions and help people get stoked. With the Get Stoked App, anybody can list an activity and share it with others.

GetStoked Mission

/stōke/ (verb) To be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilirated, or excited about something.

What started as an idea from two vagabond backpackers turned into a full blown passion project. Their mission is simple. To create an app that connects people to activities and things to do around them, while helping others make money from their passions. GetStoked is all about experiencing the feeling and sharing it with others.

Wait for it ... launching in:

-26Days -1Hours -52Minutes -9Seconds

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